Antelope Audio Zodiac+ HD Converter

Antelope Audio Zodiac+ HD ConverterThe Antelope Audio Zodiac+ HD Converter is a powerful little D/A converter that features a versatile input and output section.  The Antelope owes its existence to another animal, the Aardvark.  Igor Levin, designer of the Aardsync II for Aardvark, found himself out of a job once Aardvark closed its doors.  He soon joined Antelope Audio, where he has created, among other things, the Audio Zodiac+.  It’s the midline model of D/A converters in Antelope’s 2010 Zodiac line.  The line of converters uses the technology Antelope created for their word clocks.

Unlike some companies, Antelope believes that converter chips actually need to have a bit of random noise to break up the naturally occurring patterns that all chips generate.  A jitter or bit of noise here and there actually makes the converter sound less artificial.  The Acoustically Focused Clocking technology allows the Zodiac+ to have these jitters without allowing them to dominate the sound.

You’ll find a number of different inputs and outputs on the Zodiac+, which is one of its strong points.  It features digital inputs such as S/PDIF, B-type USBs, Toslink/optical connectors, and AES/EBU input.  The output section is just as impressive with balanced and unbalanced analog output, AES output, and S/PDIF outputs.  There’s an input for just about everything out there.

The device produces some incredibly clear sounds, although when used with headphones, you might here an odd static noise that can be distracting.  The Zodiac+ is also very tight and powerful, something that might not be for everyone.  However, if you need a lot of inputs or a device with an input that others don’t have, the Zodiac+ is for you.

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While the Zodiac is definitely a high-definition 192kHz D/A converter, well at home in pro studios - Antelope Audio managed to make this one value-packed enough for your personal studio. Packed with Antelope Audio's renowned oven-controlled clock, borrowed right from their supreme Trinity unit, the Zodiac 192kHz digital-to-analog converter offers 129dB dynamic range. Use it onstage to get pristine sound from your digital synth - or put it before your monitors in the studio - whatever you do, phenomenal D/A conversion is the sign of this Zodiac.

Interview With Antelope Audio On The Zodiac HD Converter

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