Aphex Headpod 454

Aphex Headpod 454The Aphex Headpod 454 is a high output personal headphone amp that features one input and four output ports.  It’s a very versatile device that can be used when recording on location, playing live, and when working on computer-based production and mixing.  It is mainly touted as a high output device, and its output vs. impedance chart shows that each of the four headphone outs can handle up to 8 ohms maximum and 600 ohms minimum.

The 454 has five simple to use controls.  There’s a master volume knob that lets you change the output volume of all four outputs at once, or adjust each of the four outputs individually using that output’s individual volume control.  The input/outputs are metal TRS jacks.  The back panel contains a switch to select between balanced TRS input or single, unbalanced input as desired.  The 454 is powered by a 12 volt wall plug.

When in use, you’ll find that the 454s are certainly very powerful, and their higher impedance will work much better with some sounds than other, similar products.  When turned down you, the headphones reveal several subtle shifts in tones that other headphones don’t.

There aren’t many downsides to the device.  It’s not rackmountable—the 454 is designed as a tabletop unit only.  The Headpod costs $249.  However, its sturdy construction, clean tones, and the great amount of detail and gain the 454 produces make it worth your time and money.

For more info be sure to check out the Aphex website: http://www.aphex.com/products/accessories/model-454/

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Aphex Headpod 454
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Aphex Headpod 4 High Output Four Channel Headphone Amplifier Aphex Headpod 4 High Output Four Channel Headphone Amplifier
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Headpod - high performance headphone amplifier, 4 headphone outputs, 4 individual amplifiers. TRS analog and S/PDIF digital inputs.

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