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API 527The API 527 is an API VCA based compressor that is based on the look and feel of the 225L and the 2500 stereo bus compressor.  It does have several new features, however, but if you’ve used one of API’s other compressors, you won’t have much of a learning curve.  Even if you’ve never picked up one of their products, you’ll find that the API 527 is fairly easy to learn and use.

The API 527 features a soft/hard switch to adjust for over-easy compressor, which gives you everything from a natural sound to a sharp type sound.  The threshold control lets you set your initial operating setting to anything from +10 dBu to -20 dBu.  Then there’s the feed forward and feed back gain reduction controls.  This gives you a very flexible compression while still giving you options for classic compression options.  There’s also an output fader control that lets you adjust as you go without any major gain changes.

As with many of API’s devices, you’ll find the thrust function included in the API 527.  This function applies a high pass filter to your sound before the RMS detector circuit to keep the punchy bottom end intact.  The device also features an attack and a release control that are fully adjustable.  You can set release to everything from .3 seconds to a full 3 seconds, while the attack ranges from a millisecond to 25 milliseconds.

The API 527 is a great compressor/limiter for many needs.  While it does build upon earlier models, it has enough new features and upgrades to make it worth buying.  The API 527 retails for $895.

For more info be sure to check out the Api website: http://www.apiaudio.com/527.html

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The API 527 takes it's place alongside the family of API VCA based compressors, the 225L and the 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor. Anyone familiar with those units will immediately be at home with the 527.

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