API 527 Compressor

If you are looking for a compressor that offers a continuous variable attack and release and ration controls with better output level control, then the API 527 Compressor is the machine for you.  It is the size of a lunchbox with a steel case that has easy access to the API 2520 op amp and the 2520 drives a large output transformer.  It has two different types of compressor styles - feedforward and feedback.  The feedforward option is known as the new style while the feedback option is referred to as the old style.

Feedforward works by making the input audio into the detector sidechain circuit, while feedback uses a more classic compressor and the input is replaced with the output.  Another feature is a switch that controls several different signals simultaneously.  If you are recording something with the API 527 Compressor then you will find that it records both high and low frequencies clearly and does so in a way that does not put any particular emphasis on a specific frequency.  You can easily maneuver and experiment with the different sounds until you come across the one that will work best for you.

The API 527 Compressor works well and is extremely versatile in almost any capacity, and its functions are so intuitive that they will work with even the most basic of guitar players.  On top of this the API 527 Compressor also has a setting that will allow it to work as a vocal compressor, and it manages to make everything sound good with wonderful recording that allows you to tamper with the recording though the use of the control tool so that you can make it sound any way that you like.  Thus making the API 527 Compressor a multi-purpose tool that can help any musician.

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