Arsenal Audio EQ-R24 Overview

Audio Arsenal EQ-R24API once included equalizers manufactured by APSI in their catalogs back in the 70s.  Eventually, APSI went under, but its equalizers, especially the Model 562, remained very popular.  Arsenal Audio has recreated this model as the EQ-R24, a powerful dual-channel EQ that features four bans of equalization.

Plug this baby in and you’ll find it gives you the ability to create some very sweet high end boosts on acoustics, piano, and just about everything else you use it on.  The same is true on full mixes, where the EQ-R24 can sound a lot sweeter than other EQs.  While it’s best at handling single tracks, it can handle processing full mixes as well, and you’ll get satisfactory results with both.  The four overlapping bell-curve filters for each channel give you a lot of flexibility in your editing.   The EQ-R24’s specification for high levels is listed at +23 dBu, but it seems to be able to handle more than that.

However, it does have some drawbacks.  For drums and bass, for example, the lack of a low-frequency shelving filter may make it difficult to get an even response on at the bottom of the spectrum.  It’s also lacking the ability to really pinpoint narrow frequency bands, and removing rumble is difficult due to the lack of a highpass filter.  Output gain control is also missing.  All of this means it can be difficult to really fine-tune your tracks, especially if you need to make very fine, minute adjustments.

While the downsides here seem pretty major, the EQ-R24 is quite good for doing broad editing work.  It has a straightforward, simple to use layout, and all controls are labeled and easy to use.  Its sweet high end is quite impressive and is hard to beat, especially at the price of $1,195.

For more info check out Vintage King Audio:

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