Benchmark DAC1 PRE D/A Converter

Benchmark DAC1 PRE D/A ConverterThe Benchmark DAC1 PRE D/A Converter allows you to monitor a number of digital devices with one box.  The DAC1 has six different inputs and supports a large variety of different formats, and it lets you quickly and easily switch between them.  The top of the unit features the controls for each of the six inputs: a rotary control selects one of three coaxial digital inputs: analog input, optical, or USB digital.  If you get valid input, a status light will illuminate.  If not, it will blink.  You can then use the second rotary control to adjust the volume for that input.  The unit features two headphone jacks on the front.  The left one automatically mutes the line-level outputs when headphones are plugged in, while the right one can be monitored with other outputs.

The back of the panel features three coaxial digital inputs and one optical connector for accepting signals in AES/EBU or S/PDIF formats.  There’s also a USB connector that accepts input from a computer and is compatible with Vista/XP or Mac OS X without needing any drivers.  Finally, two unbalanced RCA connectors are available for input from analog mixers, tape decks, FM tuners, or even iPods.

All in all, the Benchmark DAC1 PRE D/A Converter is a great all-in-one device for monitoring and signal conversion.  The sound quality is excellent, the ability to quickly switch between inputs is very handy, and it’s quite user-friendly.  The unit retails for $1,595.

For more info you can visit the Benchmark website

Benchmark DAC 1 HDR Silver
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