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Reverb PluginThere are many different reverb plugins on the market today, some of which are available as part of a multi-processor package, bundled with other hardware and software, and some of which are available as a stand-alone product.  Below are some of the best reverb plugins available today along with a short description of each.

The Waves Renaissance Reverb Plugin is a powerful and great sounding plugin. Like other Waves plugins, the Rverb is designed to have it's own character and vibe rather than being totally transparent. The plugin comes with 12 different reverb types, an advanced early reflection system, controls for dampening and a 2 band equalizer. Within the 12 reverb types you have a bunch of great presets that get you in the zone really quickly, and then it's just a matter of tweaking. The plugin supports, TDM, RTAS, AU, VST, and AUDIO SUITE.

As far as traditional reverb plugins go, the Sonitus:fx reverb from Cakewalk is certainly one of the best out there.  It features DirectX automation and can be used with any application that uses VST or DirectX.  It comes stand-alone or as a part of the Sonitus:fx Suite.  It’s very user friendly thanks to its well-laid out toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, and preset manager.  Cakewalk also offers the Soundstage plugin for the Roland V-Studio.  An acoustic space modeler, this plugin lets users adjust parameters like trapping, HF damping, and absorption, and the user interface features controls for mic position, separation and patterns, wall placement, and performer positions.

The DX Reverb 2.0 from Anwidasoft is another great DirectX plugin that features 11 different reverb algorithms, 60 different presets, a preset manager, and a tool that allows for the manual insertion of different control parameters.  It also allows for stereo output.  There’s even a free version (DX Reverb Light) available for users to try out before purchasing the full program.

Nomad Factory has created the Liquid Reverb, a part of their Liquid Bundle.  It has a number of different provisions, including ones for predelay, gain, room size, damp, low-shelving EQ, high-shelving EQ, and stereo pan and width.  It is compatible with VST and can be used with Mac OS9 and X and with Windows.

Another good reverb plugin is EasyVerb by PSP.  It features nine different reverb algorithms that can simulate different physical spaces or plate and spring machines.  It’s easy to control many different parameters, and the plugin includes a nice set of presets as well.  It supports sampling rates as high as 96 kHz.

Finally, the DSP-FX bundle by Power Technology includes 12 different plugins, including AcousticVerb and StudioVerb.  These two programs are compatible with any DirectX recording program, although they can be used as stand-alone programs for processing .WAV files and for processing stereo input.

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