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Tube Mic PreampAre you looking for the absolute best tube mic preamp out there?  Well, while it’s hard to pull out one name and say it’s the absolute best, it is possible to make a list of all the top tube mic preamps out there.  This list contains some of the greatest mic preamps available today.  There are actually a good number of quality tube mic preamps on the market, but the ones listed here are the top of the line models.

•    The Aphex 1100 A discrete Class-A tube features an internal clock that can support 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz samples.  It also makes use of the MicLim function to limit the microphone signal before preamp so that there’s no clipping.  Its low-frequency cancellation filter lets uses have as much as 20 dB of low frequency cut before they need to use any headroom at all.

•    The Apogee Trak-2 combines several different functions to create an amazing mic preamp.  These include SoftLimit, SoftSaturate, and the Apogee 24-bit converter.  The Trak-2 also features analog insert points for removing analog preamp or for patching in compressors.

•    The Crane Song Flamingo is a class-A two-channel mic preamp that has four very unique sounds to it.  It creates these through the use of the fat/norm and the iron/no iron switches, which allow users to change the amplification color and the amount of iron in the signal path.  It also features stepped gain and variable attenuation.

•    The Earthworks 1024 is a four channel mic preamp that provides output at 10V RMS for 24-bit signals.  Each of its channels has variable control and stepped control for gain.

•    The GML 8300 Series offers up low noise with accurate, high headroom.  These preamps are all hand-built and have no FETs or ICs in their signal paths.  They come in two and four channel versions.

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