Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer Edition Review

Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer Edition ReviewCakewalk has always updated its SONAR software on an annual basis, and they’ve continued that tradition in 2011.  The SONAR X1 Producer Edition features many new updates to the full-featured Windows DAW program that keep it one step ahead of the competition.  SONAR X1 features many great applications, including surround integration, V-Vocal pitch correction, Active Controller Technology, full 64-bit processing, and Skylight, a redesigned interface that gives you all your information at a glance and is very easy to learn.  The updated software also includes revamped FX Chain presets, ProChannel processors, and Smart tools.  But don’t think Cakewalk reinvented the wheel here—they just took many of their great ideas and updated them, making them even better.

One of the best new features of SONAR X1 is Skylight.  Many DAW packages feature an interface that is just cluttered with graphs, buttons, and other items.  With Skylight, Cakewalk set out to clear up that clutter and create a single-window layout that requires little view changes.  The main parts of Skylight include the control bar, browser, multidock, and inspector, which provides access to your channel, clip, and track data.  However, the main part of Skylight is the multidock.  This is where you can group your most viewed windows and quickly tab through them.  This way, you can view your track workspace, tab to the console, and then tab to your plug-ins very easily.

The ProChannel is another great feature.  It is built into each channel, and it includes your EQ, tube saturation, and compression controls.  There’s no separate plug-in to deal with, and you can bypass and configure each of the three components individually.

Overall, you’ll find Skylight and the ProChannel to certainly be two of the best features of SONAR X1, but there are many more.  Cakewalk’s SONAR Xi Producer Edition is truly a complete Windows DAW that can take care of any audio project, and the new features make it incredibly easy to use.

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