Endless Analog CLASP Signal Processor

Endless Analog CLASPCLASP, which stands for Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor, took five years to be perfected.  However, it was worth the wait.  This hybrid analog/digital processor is an affordable and easy way to turn any analog tape machine into a DAW processor.  CLASP makes the process much less tedious than it once was by cutting down on rewind time and on tape wear and tear because the tape is only used for temporary throughput.  This means you can use the same tape reel for an entire project.  CLASP also gives you the ability to change tape speed at any moment or even mix several different tape speeds on the same project, something you simply can’t do with an all-analog system.

CLASP is a two-rackspace box that features a nice LCD screen and five function switches—sync mode, tape speed auditioning, tape rewind, speed alignment, and post-stop recording.  On the back, you’ve got D-sub connectors for up to 24 tracks, XLR and MIDI in/out, and a 15-pin control port.

It’s quite easy and simple to set up CLASP, and once you’ve got everything up and running, you’ll find that it’s just as easy to use the signal processor.  It’s no problem at all to change tape speeds during live music sessions, change levels based on the music, and more.  Re-recording digital tracks through CLASP for a more analog sound and to run tests is also easy.  While all of this sounds great, there is one major downside to CLASP: because it’s new, it’s expensive.  But it’s well worth the cost if you’ve got tape machines sitting around that you’re not using.  You can also pick up used analog tape machines for very little on the used audio market.  All in all, CLASP is more than just a machine, it’s a new type of product that has to be experienced to be believed.

Endless Analog CLASP 16 Channel System Scully 288 Fairfax Recordings 28549
Endless Analog CLASP 16 Channel System Scully 288 Fairfax Recordings 28549 $3,499.00
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