Equator Q12 Studio Monitors

Equator Q12 Studio MonitorsThe Equator Q12 is a coaxial Studio Monitor that is more than just another in the line of basic monitors.  With it's uniquely modern design the Q12 features onboard bi-amplification, built-in DSP, and networking.  In addition, calibration software and a continuously variable digital crossover help to fine-tune and update the traditional design of the coaxial monitor to create the Q12.

The speakers are easy to set up with any system.  First, configure the DSP switches, then connect the speaker to your system.  Link any speakers together using Cat-5 cables, and then boot up the Equator Control software.  This software should instantly find both speakers on your network and begin configuration.  Once you’ve input your room dimensions and set up your preferences, the software will slowly adjust your speakers to the room.

Of course, you can adjust the speakers manually too.  As you use them, you’ll slowly start to get a feel for how they sound and how you need to adjust them to get the best tone possible.  The vocal tracks are incredibly clear on the Q12s, and guitar music is reproduced in amazing detail.  Drums sound very tight as well.  With some coaxial speakers, there is some diffraction aid turbulence.  However, this is not an issue with the Q12s because these effects have been calculated and compensated for.

There are a few downsides to the Q12.  For example, there are no digital inputs, and there are no USB or Cat-5 cables included.  Also, you must purchase the ERA software separately, and that’s an additional $495.  However, this bundle features a mic clip, a windscreen, a calibration mic, and a USB with the software.  You don’t, however, get a mic preamp.

All in all, the Equator Q12 is a good coaxial speaker that allows you a lot of flexibility, and the more you use it, the more you’ll appreciate everything it has to offer.  These speakers come at a cost of $2,795 each.

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