Future Sonics Atrio Personal Monitors

Future Sonics Atrio Personal MonitorsFuture Sonics has created a number of in-ear monitors, all of which are top quality.  The Atrio Series of universal-fit personal monitors uses Future Sonic’s own MG5PRO audio driver technology to create an accurate, balanced sound that is great for mixing or just listing to music.  The Atrio Series includes a number of different models such as the M5.  Each includes different options.  The M5, for example, features several different sizes of EarFills silicon sleeves and ComfortFit foam so the buds are guaranteed to stay in your ears.  This makes the Atrio Series a good in-between step between low quality, standard earpieces and the more expensive custom-molded ones.  You can experiment with the two types of sleeves and pick the one that feels the most comfortable.  Changing them out and replacing them is quite easy.  Just slide them up around the earpieces and then plug the connector into the receiver.

As far as weight goes, the earpieces are really light and fit very nicely in your ears.  The beltpack they plug into is, likewise, fairly light and sturdy.  The Atrio Series has a one-meter cable on the earpieces, which should be long enough for most anything.  You don’t have to cram the earpieces into your ears to get a good, effective seal, either.

The Atrio Series drivers have a 20 to 20k Hz response that is quite musical—there’s no flat response with these monitors.  The bass is very full and rich, while the high frequencies are full of details.  These personal monitors hand it all, and they provide enough volume that you don’t need to be cranking up your headphone amp.  The M5 version of the Atrio Series retails for $199.

For more information you can visit the FutureSonic website: http://www.futuresonics.com/

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