Glyph GT 062 RAID Disk Drive

Glyph GT 062 RAID Disk DriveNeed a backup hard drive system?  The GT 062 RAID by Glyph is a half-rackspace desktop hard drive system that uses two Seagate SATA drives available in 500 GB, 1 TB, 1.5 TB, or 2 TB.  They run at 7,200 rpm and use an Oxford 924 chipset.  These drives are very fast and use a built-in Native Command Queuing algorithm to increase their efficiency.  The rack is made from steel and uses an internal power supply and incredibly quiet fan.  It features a USB 2 port, a FW 400 port, and two FireWire 800 ports.  A plastic travel case with cables for all three ports, AC power, and the Glyph Manager software are included.

The GT 062 can actually hold up to four drive modes at once and can transfer data at a rate of 80 MB per second.  If you happen to have a DAW that does not support a RAID, the GM software can configure the firmware so that it appears as a collection of hard drives.  This tricks the DAW into thinking you simply have many hard drives connected instead of a RAID.

In Spanning mode, the data is written out to each disc sequentially: when disc 1 is full, it moves on to the second.  Then there’s RAID 0 mode, which is the fastest.  Here, both drives are read and written to concurrently.  In RAID 1 mode, the mirroring mode, data is written redundantly to both drives.  It’s slower, but it provides you with two backups, and one drive takes over if the other fails.

If you need a great RAID setup to back up all of your data—especially in RAID 1 mode—then the GT 062 drive is perfect for you.  It’s fast, reliable, and accurate.  The 500 GB model retails for $452, the 1 TB for $665, and the 1.5 TB for $1,092.  If you really need space, go for the $1,425 2 TB discs.

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