JoeCo BlackBox Recorder

One of the newest recorders on the market is the JoeCo BlackBox Recorder.  Unlike other recorders this one is specifically designed to be used to capture live performances.  The box looks like it is simple, but it can be difficult to use if you do not make sure that you understand the full range of features that the box offers.  And, since it is only four and a half pounds the box is perfect for those looking for something easy to take on the road that will allow them to have the most bang for their buck.

NEWJoeCo BBR1 D BlackBox 24 track Recorder with Analog Inputs and AES EBU
NEWJoeCo BBR1 D BlackBox 24 track Recorder with Analog Inputs and AES EBU $1,899.00
Time Remaining: 29d 14h 25m
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The instrument panel is set up in a way that allows it you to interact with the unit like sample rates, record, stop, play, and a navigating scroll wheel.  However, one of the disconcerting things about the buttons is that they are very sensitive to pressure, and this means that you can accidentally trigger some of the recorder’s functions without even meaning to.  The nice thing about it all is that the menu is set up to be very intuitive, and because of this once you figure everything out it is very easy to navigate.

Something else to consider is the fact that there are many fail-safe options so that you do not accidentally do something to the recording or cause playback.  It will even protect your recording if the power is cut off to the box.  Not to mention the fact that in order to delete the files you have recorded you will have to put them into your computer so that you can review them before you decide whether or not to delete them.  All of these features combine together in the JoeCo BlackBox to make it a very useful tool to anyone wanting to harness its recording powers.

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