Josephson Engineering C715 Microphone

Josephson Engineering C715 MicrophoneJosephson Engineering has created a powerful microphone in the form of the C715.  It features a number of different features that come wrapped in a matte black finish.  The hard metal alloy basket that is fitted around the mic works like a pop filter while at the same time shielding the capsule itself.  When taken into the studio for recording, the C715 is good go-to mic.  However, it does have a bit of a low output issue due to its output transformer.  This does, though, help reduce line loss and keeps the preamp from overloading.  Just be sure you’ve got a decent preamp to make up for the lack of output. There are few other issues with the mic, including when used for vocals.  The sound it produces is very well balanced and full of rich tones.

The C715 shines on just about all other aspects.  It’s easy to use, and it excels at almost anything except the preamp.  When used as a room mic, for example, it works very well for vocals, percussion, and more.  It captures natural reverb very well.  However, one other slightly small issue with the C715 is that it has a short cable, so for some uses, it will need to be connected to a second extension cable. 

For more info be sure to check out the Josephson Engineering website

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