Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder

The Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder is one of the best sequencers out there. One of the main reasons for this is that it will play and record everything from DVDs and CDs to 5.6 MHz sample rates.  The audio is then stored on an internal hard drive and can be plugged in and accessed via a USB cable. 

You will most likely want to play around with the different configurations until you find the one that you think will work best with your needs.  The truth is that with the Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder even the analogue recordings sound wonderful and smooth, making the transitions into sounds that you will enjoy for years to come.  Once you have finished with all of the recordings you may be wondering how these sounds will make the transition to your computer, but the truth is that there is software (AudioGate) included that can assist you with this change over.

Using the USB you can simple pull the recordings over to your computer and then use the software to do everything from joining files to converting the format that they are saved in.  For example, if you want to take two different song segments and join them together to make something entirely new, then you can accomplish this easily on the computer.  It also allows you to arrange the songs in any order you like so that your music archive is uniquely organized for your individual needs. The Korg MR-2000S 1-Bit Studio Recorder is easy to operate and perfect for those looking to move up in the music world.

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