Lexicon PCM96 Effects Processor

Lexicon PCM96 Effects ProcessorThe Lexicon PCM96 Effects Processor features FireWire and analog I/O for use with a DAW or as a stand-alone effects processor.  The device includes over 1,200 presets, including almost 30 different traditional and new Lexicon reverbs, modulation effects, and delays.  The presets use early-reflection impulses based on standard rooms to use when creating reverb.  This keeps the reverb sounding natural on base settings while still allowing users to fine tune the sound.  The processor uses 32-bit floating-point processing and works with sample rates up to 96 kHz.

Once taken out of the box, you’ll find that the PCM96 doesn’t look like it could do everything it can.  It’s a single-rack device with a front panel that looks almost deceptively simple—stereo input meter, select knob, tap/tempo button, controllers for three parameters, a flash card slot.  The back features XLR input I/O, digital AES/EBU I/O, word clock input, three MIDI jacks, two Ethernet connections, and two FireWire 400 connections.  You can use the Ethernet jacks to connect the PCM96 to your computer, where it functions like a standard outboard reverb.  You can also control it remotely.  In fact, you can network several PCM96s together and control them all from the same computer.

Once it’s up and running, you’ll find that this is one very versatile effects processor.  While it doesn’t save your hardware setup when you use it as a stand-alone, it’s not hard to set up.  It’s more than just another plug-in reverb—it features customizable interfacing, many programming options, and simple yet flexible controls.  It is certainly another mark in the win category for Lexicon.  The PCM96 retails for $3,499.

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The PCM96 from Lexicon is a hardware stereo reverb/effects processor that provides a blend of both heritage and innovation. The processor delivers 28 algorithms drawn from new and reworked legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays and modulation effects. The former include completely new Room and Hall algorithms. The new Room algorithm allows Reflection patterns to be easily selected, scaled and equalized, all while simultaneously passing audio. They can be instantly reversed or combined with a traditional reverb to extend the decay, or to bring a stronger sense of space surrounding the source material. The addition of multi-mode filters at several spots in the audio flow provides new capabilities to Lexicon's traditional reverbs by allowing more exact shaping of the reverb, while still maintaining the distinctive Lexicon sound. All reverbs also have an "Infinite" switch that allows the reverb to run forever, a useful feature for creating unusual backgrounds and sound effects for post. For Mac users, the unit can function as a control-only insert, or FireWire streaming audio plug-in inside any VST or Audio Units software. With two channels XLR analog and two channels XLR AES/EBU digital input and output, as well as MIDI, Ethernet and FireWire connectivity, the PCM96 easily fits into a variety of recording and live sound environments.

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