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Looking for a reasonable priced tube mic pre that is well suited for just about any type of recording?  Then you may want to check out the Mindprint DTC.  This two-channel device comes with high quality preamps that feature both instrument and line inputs, great equalization capability, and basic dynamics that use two ECC83 triodes.  mindprint tdcUsers can add an optional high resolution analogue/digital converter module to turn the DTC into a digital workstation or make it function as a mastering processor.  It can also use the analogue domain to translate one digital format to a different one.

You’ll find the connectors on the DTC are nicely spaced out, and each one is identified.  There is an XLR input for the mic, a combination TRS/XLR socket for line, and both a quarter inch jack and a XLR socket for balanced and unbalanced line input.  Finally, another two TRS sockets are available for balanced insert.  The unique design of the DTC’s mic transformers, something Mindprint teamed with German manufacturer Haufe for, feature a 1.5 turns ratio.  This gives users a high input impedance of 5k, but thanks to reduced loading, the DTC can provide better sound in some instances.

As far as processing goes, the DTC’s ultra high quality mic preamp, instrument stage and line input, and very clean sounding nature all combine to create an excellent unit.  The equaliser features fourteen different knobs, but they’re spaced very closely together, making it easy to turn the wrong one.  Despite this, the DTC provides very musical EQ at all settings, and you can subtly nudge your sound in any direction.  You can also easily remove resonances and bring in different sample rates, although there can be some issues when outputting to some machines.

Overall, the Mindprint DTC is great for anyone who wants a device with a very comprehensive, eq, high quality mic inputs, digital input and output, and good dynamics.  On the downside, the resolution on the digital output can’t be changed, and the instrument input does override the DTC’s digital input if it is use.  While it might look expensive at first, this unit is really one of the better ones out there and well worth it.

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