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If you’re looking for a software version of the popular upmixing hardware processor by Neural, then look no further than Neural UpMix, a software package by DTS.  This package is a real time plug-in that features a number of surround-ready tools such as Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD.  Neural UpMix can also serve as an Audio Suite plug-in, which is very handy.  The main function of Neural UpMix is to take a two-channel audio and convert it to surround sound.  It features many great options, including the ability to upmix 2.0 materials to 5.1 or 7.1

Ward Beck M6205A 3G w UpMix 3G HD DTS Neural Upmix Audio Processor
Ward Beck M6205A 3G w UpMix 3G HD DTS Neural Upmix Audio Processor $3,995.00
Time Remaining: 22d 21h 10m
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When it comes to navigating through Neural UpMix, users will find a very simple and easy to use GUI interface.  There’s no confusion here—everything is clearly labeled and intuitive.  The Depth and Width controls are the main areas of use, and they’re very well designed.  You’ll find graphic depictions of the playback environment, for example, that makes it quite easy to see how your project is progressing.  There are other controls and monitors, to, including peak/VU meters and settings to add more channels.

When it comes down to it, Neural UpMix provides amazing sound, and that’s its main goal.  It’s one of the best plug-ins you’ll find for converting audio to surround sound, and its ability to produce Blu-Ray quality audio is very useful.  The program’s ease of use and simplicity are another huge factor.  Some programs are confusing to use, but UpMix is not one of them.

While there many be other programs out there that have more bells and whistles, few of them provide the quality that Neural UpMix does.  It would be nice to be able to upmix mono to stereo or surround sound, but even without that, this product is still excellent.  Plus, it’s only $449, which isn’t a bad price tag.

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