NuGen Audio Stereo Pack Plug-In Suite

The UK-based NuGen Audio company has made a number of different plug-ins over the years.  The Stereo Pack Plug-In Suite is one of their most useful products that features three different imaging tools that provide you with many different new processing capabilities.  You’ll find the Monofilter, the Stereoizer, and the Stereoplacer.  While many other plug-ins will use up a lot of your processing power, leaving your system struggling, one of the great things about Stereo Pack is that it lets you manage the programs in relation to your CPU resources.

The Stereoizer is a mono to stereo up-mix program that allows you to improve the stereo image of your final mix.  It also helps you create space for electric guitars and drums.  Even when you’ve got the controls turned way up, it never creates any odd noises.  The program also offers modulation effects that can be synched up with the tempo.  The graphic representation of the stereo image is also very helpful and great to watch.

The Stereoplacer plug-in uses a very intuitive GUI to allow you to do frequency-specific panning.  The frequencies appear on a horizontal plot, and all you have to do is click and drag the lines to create breakpoints.  It’s very simple and easy to use.  You can carve out specific elements of the mix based on their frequencies and redirect them to other areas.

The monofilter, finally, lets you sum all the lows to mono and then push the bass in phase through two speakers to create a plentiful and tighter bottom end.  Once the Monofilter has summed information below the crossover frequency to mono, you can then solo high frequencies or low-frequency information so that you can make decisions based on the overall effects.

The NuGen Audio Stereo Pack Plug-In Suite provides some very easy to use GUIs, although you do need a powerful system to really make use of everything it offers.  The entire suite retails for $199.

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