Overloud Breverb Plug-In

Overloud Breverb Plug-InThe Breverb reverb plug-in by Italian developer Overloud is a great synthesized reverb plug-in that is quite affordable.  It actually replicates some of the same sounds and features that you’d get in a package much more expensive.  You’ll find four different master algorithms in this plug-in: inverse, plate, hall, and room.  Each one creates a separate environment and has a number of different settings for you to play with.  Breverb is available for both Macs and PCs in VST, Audio Units, and RTAS formats.

Many reverb synthesizers use up a lot of CPU resources, meaning you have to have a high powered machine to really get a lot out of them.  Breverb, however, uses minimal system resources so you’re free to run multiple programs at once without seeing much in the way of slow down.  It’s also laid out very effectively.  The GUI is simple and clean, making it easy to see reverb paths, controls, and the master EQ.

Breverb has five master control tabs, including a General tab and one for each of the four algorithms.  General offers six different parameters for synthesized reverbs and nine reverb options.  The options on the General tab change depending on which of the preset algorithms you’re using.  You can switch the Breverb GUI into advanced mode if you like, hiding and showing different controls and windows.  All of your presets are saved, and you can create multiple preset saves if you like.

The easy to use GUI and multiple algorithms make Breverb a very useful tool, and the fact that the sound it produces is outstanding make it an invaluable one.  It does everything a much more expensive plug-in would do for only $499.

For more info check out the Overloud website

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