QSC K Series Loudspeakers

If you are interested in getting the best performance out of lightweight speakers, then you will want to look into using the QSC K Series Loudspeakers.  These are DSP driven two way systems that have been redesigned and rethought when compared to the original so that they can be more easily moved and used in portable applications.  One of the main differences in the units is the dispersion angles at which the speakers release sound, for example, the K12s are set up at seventy five degrees, the K9s are at ninety degrees, and the K8s are at one hundred and five degrees.

Another good thing about the K10 is that it has a flexible input panel this means that it can mix together two different sources.  It might seem a little confusing, but there are a number of guiding arrows on the speaker that are designed to help make it easier.  You can combine these arrows with the information in the manual to help you put everything together in the correct order.  While the mixing function is not something that is commonly used, it is a good feature to have just in case you decide that you want to go for something a little more extravagant.

Something else that you may find interesting about these little speakers is their functionality.  They are capable of filling a medium to large sized room with no problem at all.  If you need to cover more ground then you can simply use the pole mount to make sure that the sound is best amplified directly where you need it to be.  All of these features work together to make the QSC K Series Loudspeakers some of the best lightweight speakers on the market.

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