Smart AV Tango DAW Interface

Smart AV Tango DAW InterfaceSmart AV is known for creating the Smart Console, but they’ve outdone their previous work with the Smart AV Tango DAW Interface.  This new work surface gives users control over any DAW.  It’s a very small interface, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room, allowing users to easily fit it into any area.  It includes motorized faders, many different touch-sensitive rotary encoders, a slew of buttons, and a 22 inch touchscreen.  The interface comes with presets for apps like Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Pyramix, and Nuendo.

Smart AV Tango replaces the popular ARC curved meterbridge with the MonARC, a virtual meterbridge that appears on the touchscreen.  It tracks all of the different physical resources and allows users to assign a track to any fader with a simple touch.  There are many different modes to select from.  The screen also displays the eight different active channel strips.  The display is very easy to read, and there’s no trouble telling what the many different graphics and charts represent.  The Edit Panel allows access to any additional software the user may have installed.  It’s fully customizable, too, allowing users to assign any button to any function they desire.  There are several different panels of rectangular buttons available for use on the Tango, giving users the ability to map just about every function they may want to a hotkey.

Overall, the Smart AV Tango DAW Interface is very well put together.  It’s a great upgrade to the original Smart Console, and it truly makes any DAW more convenient and easier to use.  There are a few glitches in the software, and it is expensive, but Smart AV is known for listening to user feedback and for working to always improve their software.

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For more info check out the Smart Av website:

Smart AV Tango DAW Interface Videos

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