Solid State Logic VocalStrip Overview

Solid State Logic VocalStripThe Solid State Logic VocalStrip is one of the latest plug-in processors from the SSL’s Duende DSP unit.  It uses Duende’s 40-bit floating point processing, just like all other Duende plug-ins do, and it works with any VST, RTAS host, or Audio Units.  This mono-only plug-in features four processor sections that are designed for vocals.  These include an equalizer, compander de-esser, and de-ploser.

The EQ is a three-band SSL that’s very effective and great for vocals.  The shelving filter runs from 30 to 300 Hz in the low frequencies, while the second section features a high-Q, asymmetrical peaking/notch EQ that has 12 dB of boost and a whopping 36 dB of attenuation.  In the third section, you’ll find a high-band peaking EQ that cuts and boosts up to 12 dB and ranged from 1 to 20 kHz.

The Compander has a single threshold control with a range of 0 to -96 dB.  In its compressor section, you’ll find all the standard tools, such as Threshold, Attack, and Make Up controls along with a Drive feature that lets you add harmonic character.

The De-Esser has an Amount and a Threshold control that allow you to do some very precise editing.  You can completely remove any S sound, for example.  In the De-Ploser the same features are available, only now you can remove any low-frequency pops, wind sounds, and more.

So what’s the final word on the Solid State Logic VocalStrip?  It’s a very well designed and built plug-in that can bring some very professional polish to your mixes.  It has some amazing tools that make some of the most tedious tasks quicker and easier.  On the down side, it’s mono only, and it can use up a lot of resources when you have all four processors going at once.  Overall, though, it’s certainly a good tool and worth the $399 price tag.

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