Solid State Logic X-Patch

The X-Patch is an I/O management system that uses SSL’s SuperAnalogue technology.  This analog line-level signal-routing matrix also features a JFET switching array that comes straight from Solid State Logic’s Matrix console.  It includes SSL’s Logictivity X-Patch Remote Studio Browser, which allows users to configure and control X-Patch via an Ethernet.

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One of the great things about X-Patch is that you can program up to 128 different presets.  These presets can be saved and retrieved even after D-Patch has been powered down or when X-Patch Remote is not running.  They can even be stored as .xml files.  X-Patch Remote can control up to six different X-Patches at the same time and allow for up to 128 processing chains to be stored as pre-made.  These pre-made chains can then be dragged and dropped into signal paths.  For those with an iPhone, an app is available that will allow users to input preset selection over their network.

Need to route many different outputs to your console?  X-Patch allows up to 16 different outputs to be routed to 16 inputs.  There are different pages for configuring Network, MIDI, and Remote Channels, and channels can be labeled as sources and destinations.  The X-Patch also allows both balanced and unbalanced lines to be used, which helps integrate different instruments into a recording.

On the Network page, different settings such as DHCP and static IP addressing can be configured.  The MIDI page allows selection of which channel will receive the Program Change messages.

All in all, X-Patch will help increase the capabilities of your studio by offering a 16 x 16 patchbay that can be controlled via computer or iPhone.  It retails for $1,199.

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