Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Library

Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums LibraryThe Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Library is a top quality library with many different high quality drum samples.  It features many different individual drum hits and mixes.  Don’t look for any pre-sequenced grooves, step sequences, or loops—they aren’t here.  Instead, you get 19 drum kits ranging from vintage drums to modern sets.  There are snares, cymbals, hi-hats…everything you need to create great drum sounds.  The OWD, as it’s called, comes in silver, gold, and platinum editions.  The silver version is the smallest and cheapest, but if you really want to go all out, pick up the platinum edition.

So what does the platinum version offer?  It features the 19 drum kits at 96 kHz and more kick drums.  It’s 120 GB of drum sounds, and it’s pre-installed on a USB 2/FireWire drive.  It, like all three packages, includes presets for Sonic Reality’s IMAP format and for general MIDI format.  OWD uses Kontakt’s direct-from-disk feature to stream samples from your hard drive.  This version of Kontakt is actually specially made for OWD.

Each drum kit preset allows you to adjust the many different settings, like how the drum responds, the gain, what room it’s in, etc.  There are even options for changing things like shortening the decay on one drum’s mic while leaving it the same on another, something that is obviously impossible to do with real drums in a real room.

There are a few downsides to OWD.  It needs to run on its own hard drive that is at least 7,200 rpm.  The Kontakt GUI might seem a bit unintuitive to you, but you can use a differnet interface if you like.  The price might also be a downside—the platinum version retains for $1,995, while the gold edition costs $995.  The wide variety of drums and options, however, may be worth the price.

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