TAC System NML RevCon-RR

For many years one of the greatest problems with sound engineer’s recordings is the fact that there are often excessively high levels of reverberation.  This causes many of the speech tracks that have been recorded to come out intelligible.  This means that if you are working on a film or television show production team and you have the best possible take but the talking is all lost due to the excessive reverb then you have to spend hours working on fixing it in post production.

The goal of the TAC System NML RevCon-RR is designed to help clear up speech reverberation.  Since the overall aim of the system is to provide sound engineers with the most intelligible speech possible it had some pretty advanced controls and a powerful processing unit so that it can reach this goal.  One of the good things about this product is the fact that the control system has been set up so that it offers some complex and interesting controls rather than overwhelming the user with too many confusing and unnecessary items that do not actually work to help process out the reverberation and static.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that the original recording will play a large part in how successful the TAC System NML RevCon-RR will be in removing the background noise and reverb from the recording.  Also, you will want to make sure that if you are using this that you are operating a fast machine with a large amount of available RAM.  Otherwise you might run into some problems with the programming.  Overall, however, this is a good product to help you pull out problematic reverb, but I would not expect it to be able to dig out quality musical talent from a home recording studio.

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