TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

TC Electronic Konnekt 24DThe Konnekt 24D by TC Electronics is a small FireWire recording interface that fits nicely in a compact space.  The device has 14 inputs and outputs plus much more.  The ADC/DACs on the analog I/O are 24-bit, 192 kHz, so it’s got some power here.  You can use either the included AC adapter or a FireWire bus to run the Konnekt 24D, and it’s compatible with both Macs and Windows, plus the apps support Core Audio, ASIO, and WDM drivers.  The device also includes TC’s NEAR software, which helps control routing, DSP, setup, and the various mix functions plus lets you control up to four Konnekts at once by networking them together.

So what kind of ports will you find here?  You’ve got two mic/DI/line inputs, two extra line inputs, a MIDI I/O, a ADAT Lightpipe IO, a S/PDIF co-ax I/O, four analog outputs, and a headphone amp.  Eight of the 14 inputs are from the two Lightpipe ports, giving you a lot of versatility.  The device also has a control room level control and an onboard DSP.  You can place the DSP inline during recordings or as a channel in whichever host application you’re using.

The onboard DSP is perhaps the feature that really makes the Konnekt 24D flexible and gives it that incredible audio quality.  The TC NEAR software gives access to things like a 4-band parametric/notch/peak/shelving EQ, compression, and a de-esser.  All of this comes in a nice, small box that has the low price tag of $625.  Another nice feature is that the Konnekt 24D can be used by just about anyone, both beginners and those with years of experience in the mixing industry.

For more info you can check out the TC Electronics website:

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