Teaboy Audio Studio Recall Software

Teaboy Audio Studio Recall SoftwareSometimes, it seems like a recording session just spirals down into chaos and becomes incredibly unorganized.  That’s where something like the Teaboy Audio Studio Recall Software can be a true lifesaver.  You won’t lose any of your session documentation or recall thanks to Teaboy, which easily organized your data in a way that a DAW or a console just isn’t capable of.

Some people have found that the only way to keep their data organized is to do it by hand, but then you end up with filing cabinets full of notes, plus you have a huge forest-worth of dead trees stored somewhere.  It’s easy to lose information this way, especially if you move your records.  Thanks to Teaboy, it’s easy to create a document that lists things like artist and producer, document a patchbay, put down all of your console settings, and list your outboard gear.  In fact, the outboard gear page is perhaps where Teaboy truly shines.  It features color renditions of hardware with switches, buttons, and knobs, or you can view everything as a mechanical drawing.  The software has over 800 pieces of equipment, including many new models and some vintage gear.  Once finished, you can store the data, export it as a PDF, or even upload it to a server for later use.

Teaboy Audio is exactly what you need to keep all of your session details in order, and the cost is right, too.  It’s $9.99/month or $40/6 months for the standard edition, while the Pro edition costs $19.95/month or $95.94/6 months.  That’s certainly affordable if you have repeated issues keep your settings straight.  While the interface may feel a bit clunky in places and there are only limited functions available offline, Teaboy is still a much better option than having folder after folder crammed with difficult to read handwritten notes.

For more info be sure to check out the Teaboy Audio website

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