Tube-Tech RM8 Signal Processing Rack

Tube-Tech RM8 Signal Processing RackThe Tube-Tech RM8 Signal Processing Rack is designed to allow users to install up to eight vertical module versions of the company’s different devices.  If you need a tabletop frame to hold your all-tube MP 1A mic preamps, PE 1 C program equalizers, or CL 1B optical compressor units, this will do it.  It also has optional rack mounts, so you can get it up off the table if you like.  The RM8 places Tube-Tech’s traditional blue faceplate, large knobs, and standard power supply in a sturdy steel frame with aluminum covers.  The power of the RM8 is that it allows you to combine all of your different units into one that uses the same switches, knobs, and power supply.  It’s a great way of saving space.

The RM8 and its modules work very well together.  In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the modules installed in the RM8 and the stand-alone versions of the preamp, equalizer, and compressor units.  You have a number of different options with the RM8.  For example, it’s possible to stereo-intercouple two compressor units by switching both of them to sidechain buses.  The one that compresses the most is the driving one, although you do have to set the ratio, release, and attack the same on both of them.

The RM8 is a very nice, compact way of using the different Tube-Tech units.  The modules perform just as well as the stand-alone versions, so there’s no need for both.  The preamp is quite clean and quit, while the equalizer gives you enough power to perfectly adjust your instruments and vocals.  Finally, the compressor lets you control the levels without being too overbearing or noticeable.  You get all of this for $2,200 plus an additional $2,000 for each module.

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