Vintech X73i – An Excellent Neve 1073 Clone

Vintech X73iIf you need a good preamp for vocals, the Vintech X73i may be the best choice out there.  It’s not just a preamp, either—the X73i is actually a pre/EQ combo.  By combining a preamp and an EQ, you can adjust your recordings until you have that perfect sound.

While it’s true that the Vintech X73i is a clone of the Neve 1073, it’s also true to say that it’s one of the best clones available, and it’s also one of the most affordable.  Purchasing an actual 1073 is simply not possible for many small studios, but some of the clones out there just don’t perform.  However, the X73i performs solidly on vocals for just about any type of music out there, from folk and rock to hip hop and country.  Many people can’t tell the difference between the X73i and an actual Neve 1073, it’s that good. For more on that see the video below.

The X73i is a class A preamp that is all discrete.  It uses the same mic preamp and EQ parameters as Vintech’s X73 model, but the X73i version includes more mid range frequencies, a one-fourth inch D.I., selectable input impedance, phase reverse, a phantom power switch, transformer balanced mic and line inputs, 70 decibels of gain, an EQ switch, and more.

A Vintech X73i is generally around $1,250 used and $1,595 new. For more info you can visit the Vintech website:

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One Response to Vintech X73i – An Excellent Neve 1073 Clone

  1. p dub says:

    Although they seem similar at first, the biggest difference was the Neve’s ability to translate and push or hold the harmonic overtones and presence. Especially when the G/C chord was played, and more notably when that E note was struck directly after that chord. Something about the Neve’s depth, presence and warmth (or harmonic response??) makes you stop, stare, listen and be memorized. The Vintech X73i sounded warm and very clean/clear but doesn’t have the depth and the ability to hold or reproduce the harmonic overtones like the Neve…
    I listened in 720hd. That’s what I got from this demonstration. Thanks for posting!!

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