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VocalBooth has created a number of different series of home recording isolation booths for recording, mixing, and rehearsing.  They have produced gold, platinum, and diamond series.  Two, the gold and the platinum, feature a rectangular booth with parallel walls.  It’s also possible to get a square booth in these two series.  The platinum series features  a floating floor and walls, allowing you to create what is basically a room within a room.  This gives you better isolation than the nonfloating gold series.  The diamond series is basically a modified version that features five splayed walls.  This type of wall helps to reduce the strength of futter echoes and standing waves, two things that can skew the frequency and the phase response of your recordings.

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One of the great things about VocalBooth is that they will build your booth to your dimensions, as long as it’s done in one-foot increments.  They can build a small four foot booth for one person or an 18 foot booth for up to four or five people and a lot of equipment.  You can add windows, put the door wherever you want, and more.  The floors are multilayered to help increase isolation, and they’re finished with wood and carpet.  You can have your booth done with hardwood interiors for a more live sound or with carpet to dull the noise.  The weight of the room varies depending on size and on the flooring used.  The booths come standard with fluorescent lighting and passive-active ventilation systems.

The pros to a VocalBooth product are that they provide great isolation for the midrange and the high frequency bands.  They’re also customizable and modular.  On the downside, there is decreased isolation around the bass frequencies.  However, the cost is certainly right.  The base price of a gold option is $4,295, while a diamond will cost $6.795.

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