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Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 5The Drumagog 5 software from Wavemachine Labs is a drum-replacement software.  Some still wonder if a piece of software can really approximate the sound of human-played drums, but while that debate rages on, others are using Drumagog to handle all their rhythm needs.  Few people can actually tell the difference, especially with version 5.  It comes in three versions: Drumagog 5 Basic, Drumagog 5 Pro, and Drumagog 5 Platinum, the highest powered of the three and the one focused on here.

Drumagog has been known for its complex, dynamic ranges and its ability to introduce randomness into beats.  You can preload different samples and assign them to a few basic steps or create complicated patters.  What triggers one sample isn’t always the same velocity cueing threshold.  This means the random engine will truly be random.  Even if your performance features consistent dynamics at the same threshold, the software will select different samples.  This creates a very realistic virtual drum.

Some of the new features in Drumagog 5 Platinum (some are available in Basic and Pro, too) include a new tracking engine that is more accurate, automatic phase-alignment, Auto Hi-Hat Tracking, and a completely redesigned interface.  The new interface is much more polished, and while Drumagog was never counter-intuitive, the new interface seems even easier to use.

Of course, the software comes with a large library of different kicks, cymbals, snares, toms, and other percussion instruments.  Everything you might want is there, and you can even create your own customized files if you don’t like the preconfigured ones.

Are there any negatives to Drumagog 5?  Well, nothing’s perfect, and in this case, it’s CPU usage.  Drumagog 5 will give your machine a work over, so keep that in mind.  This is especially true if you use the Auto Hi-Hat Tracking, which slows down responsiveness even more.  The cost, however, is not a concern.  The Basic Drumagog 5 is $149, the Pro is $289, and the top of the line Platinum version is $379.

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