Waves Tony Maserati Plug-Ins Collection Review

Waves Tony Maserati Plug-InsWaves Signature Series is releasing a new collection of plug-ins designed specifically by New York master mixer Tony Maserati. This collection features six main areas that pinpoint different components of the mix: vocals, bass, drums, guitar, harmonics, and an acoustic guitar designer.  These plugins were designed with all of Tony's presets so that you can get really close to how he would approach a given area of the mix.

The vocal enhancer has a ton of features that will allow you to sculpt the perfect vocal track. The VX1 works with three different "contours" that match the appropriate vocal treatment to room size and track tempo. The vocal module's contour mode is really setup to help you to approach the mix the way Tony would, but does give you free-range control over things like eq and compression If you have a bass track that's structurally sound but a little lifeless, then you can easily take advantage of the B72 Bass Phattener that is included in the collection.  Not only this, but if need be you can also use it to dial in a few classic bass effects, like a slightly dirty bass overdrive or use "synth mode" for a buzzy stereo filter effect with delay.

Likewise, the DRM Drum Slammer will also work to kick up any dull sounds.  The guitar tuner offers you the ability to choose between clean, chorus, heavy, thick rhythm, and soft flange, while the acoustic guitar designer has two different types of treatments.  Overall this collection is one that will work easily with a number of components and give you a little entry into the Maserati sound. Check out the videos below for more info.

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