WavesLive MultiRack Native

If you need a virtual processing rack that gives you the option of adding in plug-ins on the go, then you need the WavesLive MultiRack.  This piece of software comes in two different options: Native and SoundGrid.  The Native version runs with either a PC or a Mac.  One thing to note right off the bat is that the MultiRack doesn’t host plug-ins from any other manufacturer, and it requires iLok.

If you get past those two restrictions, you’ll find that the MultiRack is very easy to learn how to use.  There is a bit of an issue in assigning the hardware I/O to the virtual rack, but once you get that accomplished, everything is very easy.  You can install up to eight plug-ins on one rack, and you can have up to 64 racks installed at once.  It’s easy to change from a mono rack to a stereo rack or back very quickly and easily, and there’s no corruption on the signal flow.

Latency is always an issue with AD/DA conversion, especially when sending the signal to a computer to process.  Using the MultiRack in a live setting, no latency is noticeable.  However, it times, some latency does occur such as when processing drums.  Fortunately, there are some ways around this.  For example, you can reduce the buffer size to increase the processor load, which helps reduce some latency.  You can also watch which plug-ins cause more latency than others.  You may also wnt to manually align the processed tracks to match up the positions of the original.

All in all, the MultiRack is very easy to use and provides a very stable environment in which to process tracks.  Once you’ve got your buffer size set to where you need it, you won’t hear any pops or clicks, and the latency will be less noticeable.  It is a very flexible system, which is excellent for those who need to do many different tasks.  The MultiRack retails for $372, which is also very affordable for most people.

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