Zplane Elastique Pitch Plug-In Review

Zplane Elastique Pitch Plug-In ReviewAnyone who has ever had to work in the editing room knows how challenging it can be to go in and change the pitch on a recording by a few semitones and keep things sounding natural.  These days, in the digital realm, most pitch shifting tools work around the need to alter the recording speed, but few achieve the desired result without changes to timbre of the instrument.  In order to change the pitch in such a precise manner you need to make sure that the selection you wish to change is isolated and can be altered subtly before being placed back into the flow of the music.

The Zplane Elastique Pitch Plug-In is a tool that allows you to make the necessary changes in a real time setting.  This means that you do not have to pull the piece of music out of the frame of the song, but rather you can change the pitch of something smoothly without having to worry about possible cuts and overlaps.  Something else that this tool can also do is to give you the ability to change the pitch and the timbre independently of one another.

Usually when you adjust music the pitch and the timbre are linked, but with the Zplane Elastique Pitch Plug-In you are offered the ability to break with this tradition and to step out into a new realm of editing possibilities.  Not to mention the fact that another benefit is that when you change the pitch, you don't also have to affect the frequency making the edit sound fake or dubbed.  Meaning if you have the same person singing throughout, you can easily change the pitch on several notes, while maintaining that track's consistent sound.

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