Mackie Digital X Bus Console Review

Mackie Digital Xbus ConsoleThe Digital X Bus mixer from Mackie signifies a transformative leap for small, robust and reasonably priced mixing console systems for the studio, live and post production. This piece powers-on immediately and comes with some real visually appealing features such as 2 fifteen inch flat screen monitors equipt with touchscreen capabilities. This consoles is a truly self-conrained system and really kicks the ball forward with respect to DAW architecture and mixing surface usability. It has been extremely well thought through and has a lot of room for growth with future software releases.

The Digital X Bus comes in 2 distinct versions that both work up to 192Khz. The models are the X.200 and the X.400 respectively. The X.400 comes packed with all the features of the X.200 but also includes an additional I/O slot for addition I/O at 96Khz, additional surround monitoring and mixing capabilities, a dual processor cpu, The UAD-1 DSP plugin card from Universal Audio and Sony's 9 pin control. Both the X.200 & X.400 come with a layer for emulation of the Control Universal which is Mackie's control surface that comes with virtual overlays for some of the most popular digital audio software such as Digidesign, Nuendo, Logic, Sonar, Cubase and more. You are able to further customize the integration of the system using the midi map window for bi-directional access to the core mixing console operarions and plug-in settings.

Mackie Digital X Bus Mixer HIGH DEFINTION
Mackie Digital X Bus Mixer HIGH DEFINTION $1,500.00
Time Remaining: 6d 8h 54m

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