TC Electronic M300

The TC Electronic M300 is a dual multi-effects processor that is very easy to use and features a variety of different reverbs and effects.  The rackmount box is quite slim, but don’t let size fool you.  It pulls anywhere from 100 to 240 volts of power and has a four TRS jack sockets (two in, two out).  It uses 24-bit S/PDIF connecters for digital interfacing, and it is capable of A-D conversion via operating both the analogue and the digital outputs simultaneously.  TC Electronic M300The unit also has two MIDI sockets and a footswitch socket that gives operators access to bypass capability.

The front of the TC Electronic M300 does not include an LCD display, something most multi-effects units use.  Instead, it employs a very simple layout of different switches and knobs, and while it’s simple, it’s also quite intuitive and very easy to use.  You’ll find a level control, a mix control, and an effect balance control on the front as well as operating lights that indicate the signal level via different colors.  It’s not the best indicator system, but it works.  There are also buttons for digital input and Bypass.

The device also features controls for the multi-effects engine, one of the major parts of the TC Electronic M300.  You can use the main dial to select your algorithm, then use the other two dials to select different delays, phasers, tremolos, and delay algorithms.  These two controls have various different functions that change depending on which main processing algorithm you have selected.  This helps keep the M300 controls simple even though there is no LCD screen.

Once you’ve got your M300 up and running, you’ll find it has a nice range of effects and is quite flexible.  The interface does just what you ask it to, and there’s no tiny little LED screen to try to read.  It gives you immediate control of everything, and the effects and reverbs are quite solid.  Everything most people need is right on the knobs and dials, and it all comes together in a competent, solid machine.

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TC Electronic M300 Dual Engine processor REVERB RELAY RACK
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