ADAM A8X Powered MonitorMany engineers have been using ADAM speakers for years, and there’s  good reason for it: they’re incredibly good.  Based on Dr. Oskar Heil’s Air Motion Transformer, ADAM has taken the idea and ran with it.  Over the years, they have improved on the Air Motion Transformer, but they’ve also worked to bring the cost down.  The A8X employs some of ADAM’s innovative technologies while staying within your budget.  The ribbon tweeter, another name for the Air Motion Transformer, is at the core of the A8X.  It actually uses something ADAM calls X-ART, or extended accelerating ribbon technology.

When you take the A8X out of the packaging, you’ll notice right away how powerful it looks.  It features a 8.5-inch carbon/glass-fiber/Rohacell woofer that gets 150WRMS and a 56mm X-ART tweeter that can receive 50WRMS from the amps.  The frequency reproduction is divided between the two; the woofer handles everything below the crossover frequency of 2.3 kHz, while the tweeter deals with the upper range up to 50 kHz.  The A8X is front-loaded and features dual-ports, which extend the LF response time down to 38 Hz.

On the rear panel, you’ll find inputs for unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR.  Both are active all the time, so you’ll have to use one or the other—there’s no switch to control which is on.  Once your monitors are up and running, you’ll hear some really nice imaging and a huge sweet spot.  The bass response is really nice and fills up the room.  However, some sounds like female sopranos or midrange string instruments recede a bit and aren’t as pronounced as you might like.

Overall, the A8X is a good speaker system, even though it does have some drawbacks.  Some sounds might seem different on the A8X, especially the critical midrange.  However, for the price of $999 each, these speakers are certainly a good bargain.

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