Audio Technia AT4033Audio Technia is known for a number of creating top quality mics, and the AT4033 definitely keeps up that tradition.  The AT4033 cardioid mic has actually been updated and slightly revamped into the AT4033a.  This redesign has updated a few things Audio Technica wanted to change and features new internal electronics.  By changing up the mic’s capsule suspension system, they’ve managed to even further reduce the noise the mic picks up.  While the original was a hit and is now a studio classic, this redesign takes it even further.

The AT4033a’s capsule is built around a gold-deposited, two-micron diaphragm.  It doesn’t use any transformers.  The diaphragm has been artificially aged to ensure long-term stability.  The amp can handle anything up to 145 decibels without more than one percent of total harmonic distortion.  The AT4033a also has a high-pass, 80hz, 12 decible/octave filter that can be turned on or off via a switch on the body. Read more

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