Dynaudio BM 12AEvery studio needs a good set of reference monitors that accurately reproduce sounds coming from the mixer.  Cheap monitors just don’t do this.  While the Dynaudio BM 12A set of monitors may be a little expensive, they are also very accurate and well-designed.  Dynaudio, a company based in Denmark, has 25 years of experience in creating speakers, and they’ve put all of that experience into the BM 12A.

The BM 12A isn’t meant for use in a huge performance space.  Instead, this two-way, active near-field monitor is designed for use in home and project studios in relatively close quarters.  Opening up the box, you might be a bit surprised at how it looks.  Sometimes monitors are simply boxy, unattractive things, but someone took the time to make the BM 12A look pretty nice.  It’s also lightweight—each one only weighs about 27 pounds.  On the back is one XLR connector for input.  There aren’t any RCA or ¼ inch plugs, so note that you may need to buy a new cable. Read more

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