Manley MicMAIDIf you’re looking for a good router for quick audition and recall of mics and preamps, then you need the Manley MicMAID.  This unique product is pretty much a one of a kind item—there’s simply nothing else like it out there.  It gives you the option to quickly recall any combination of four mics and four preamps by pushing a button.  You can mix and match your mics and preamps in any way you like.  Set up a mic for audition across all four of your preamps, or have four mics auditioned across one preamp, or split it two mics across two preamps, or three and one, or one and three…you get the idea.

The Manley MicMAID keeps all those pops and clicks out of the recording when switching mics and preamps by using phantom power.  This revolves around supplying power only to the MicMAID itself.  You can turn this option off, of course, and simply use a hard-wired connection from an input to an output.  When it’s on, though, the MicMAID manages everything.  For example, it will disable any signal path from a preamp that is supplying phantom power and signal you to turn off the voltage from that preamp.

Once it’s set up, it really requires no further maintenance.  You’ll find that you suddenly have the ability to audition different mic and preamp combos without any delay or patching required.  Once you find the combination you want, save it and recall it at the touch of a button.  There are only two real downsides: you may hear the occasional crack or pop when you’re switching mics or preamps during transient peaks, and you may find the price is a bit steep.  The Manley MicMAID costs $3,500. Read more

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