Neve Quad 4081The Neve Quad 4081 mic preamp builds on one of Neve’s top devices, the 1081 and its upgrade, the 1081R.  The Quad 4081 offers a lot of control over your sound, especially vocals.  The Quad actually takes four 1081s and merged them into one device.  These are the exact same preamps that Neve has been building since 1972, and they’re just as amazing and great since then.

You can control each of these 1081s from the front panel or remotely using the Neve Remote Control software.  It makes it very easy to adjust all of the different features.  Each 1081 has a dial for adjusting the gain plus six buttons to activate different options.  A digital display lets you easily see what the different 1081s are set on.  The software functions with both Macs and PCs and can be used with various DAW systems like ProTools.  You can even control multiple 4081 units by linking them together.  You can create a chain of 64 different 1081s together, giving you many options.

Neve has also included an optional digital card with the Quad 4081.  It provides a FireWire/AES interface for the device, giving you four channels of A/D conversion to FireWire or AES.  You can use the insert point on each channel for external Outboard equipment, switching it into the signal path quickly and easily.  Another option is the 19” rack mounting kit, which you can use for two 4081 units.

If you truly need a large number of 1081 units, there’s no need to buy them all separately.  Since you can chain a number of 4081s together, you might as well go for convenience.  The remote control option is very useful, as is the FireWire option.

For more info be sure to check out the AMS Neve website:

Fink Analog Audio CS2Created by UREI and Universal Audio engineer Dennis Fink, the Fink Analog Audio CS2-FA Tube Dual Channel Strip makes use of single-ended Class A dual-triode tube gain blocks to provide preamp, EQ, and more.  This two-rackspace unit features two recording channel strips, each with a tube console mic pre, a FET limiter that is very similar to the UA 1176LN, and a passive EQ.  The CS2-FA also features an all-tube audio path that has five tubes for each channel.

The mic preamp of the CS2-FA uses one ECC81 and two ECC83 tubes to power its passive EQ.  It also features a DI input that gives users the option of connecting the jack straight to the mic preamps first ECC83 section.  This is very similar to a Fender guitar amp.  Overall, the CS2-FA gives you 60 decibels on the rear panel and 46 on the front DI. Read more

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