Millennia HV-3RMillennia started as company mainly focused on producing and recording classical music. Over time they realized that most preamps colored the signal too much when capturing acoustic instruments. John La Grou’s, Millennia's co-founder set out to create a device that takes care of the coloration issue head-on. After a year of intensive experimentation Millenia released the HV-3R is a colorless, transparent preamp that perfectly captures the sound of acoustic instruments.  It’s clean sounding and neutral, but it can bring out all of the subtle sounds of a room, instrument, and mic.

The HV-3R actually uses the same preamp design that the two channel HV-3C and the four/eight channel HV-3D uses.  The back panel features an Ethernet port so that you can connect to the HV-3R remotely via Millennia’s AE Logic software or via a Mac application.  There’s also a MIDI connection that connects the preamp directly to Pro Tools and an optional A/D card to connect to AES inputs.  You’ll also find eight XLR in and outs, plus you can add two optional sets of 8 channel DB25 line outs that provide redundant and backup outs while monitoring or working remotely.  Millennia has also provided space for upgrades by putting reserve bank and serial ports on the device.

In Remote mode, it’s possible to control everything on the HV-3R via Pro Tools.  While it’s connected digitally to Pro Tools, the HV-3R still uses its own A to D converters.  The device lets you manually select a channel and configure it, plus you can link channels together for stereo recording and adjust their features simultaneously.

For many, the Millennia HV-3R is the preamp for getting transparent recording.  The device captures instruments and mic input exactly as it’s heard, giving it a major advantage over many similar preamps. Read more

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