Peluso P-67 Tube MicJohn Peluso has worked for more than two years to design the Peluso P-67 Tube Mic.  While he has ran into a few different issues over the years in designing this mic, his perseverance paid off, and the resulting mic is everything he was looking to deliver.

Most people are aware of the fact that one of most important parts of a microphone is the capsule since where the sound is captured. However, people often overlook the importance of the basket on the overall sound of the mic. The basket, especially the space inside the basket, is very important in determining the sound and performance of a microphone. Peluso's goal was to create a basket that created the same acoustic performance and sound as the vintage Neumann U67 mic on which the P-67 is modeled.  Peluso continued working on this part of the P-67 until it was perfect, not just “close enough.”

There have been few exact, perfect clones of the Vintage Neumann U67, but the Peluso P-67 is, indeed, an exact clone plus more.  The U67 is perfect for vocals, but it didn’t do much for some instruments.  However, the P-67 is a great versatile mic that excellent captures vocals, drums (room mic) and acoustic instruments.  Guitars, brass instruments, bass…you name it, the P-67 can do it.

Finally, another great feature of the Peluso P-67 is that you won’t have to pay out thousands of dollars for it.  A vintage U67 can cost as much as $15,000, but the P-67 is much more affordable at around $2,300. For more info on the P-67 be sure to check out the Peluso website. Read more

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