Project SAM True Strike 2Project SAM was formed by three composers in 2002: Vincent Beijer, Marco Deegenaars, and Martin Spruijt.  These three wanted to create a sample library that featured well-recorded, high quality music that packed an emotional punch.  Their main audience for their library collection was film composers.  In 2002, they released their Horns library, followed by a number of other brass library collections.  In 2004, Project SAM created True Strike, a collection they called a Cinematic Orchestral Percussion library.  True Strike 2, an updated version, has the subtitle of Cinematic World & Effects Percussion, and it features some incredibly high quality samples.

All of the recordings are done in three variations: close, far, and stage.  True Strike offered the same samples recorded in each of the three settings, but True Strike 2 offers up different material for each variation.  If you have to make a choice because of hard drive space, the Stage setting is probably your best bet.  You can add reverb to each of the stage sounds to make them sound like they’re being played in different sized spaces. Read more

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