Sennheiser HD 800Need a high quality set of headphones that don’t hurt your ears after an hour of listening?  Then you may want the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones.  These headphones make use of a large ring transducer to offer listeners some amazing detail and definition.  The ring-shaped diaphragm used in the Sennheiser HD 800 is so new that the company hasn’t even yet been granted a patent for it, although they have applied for one as of February 2011.

How does this new 56mm-wide transducer work?  Well, with the larger diaphragm surface area, you get better low-frequency performance from the HD 800.  The diaphragm also creates more oscillation at higher frequencies.  Much of this is thanks to the 42mm magnet system used in the transducer.  The space between these two magnets is 0.6 mm wide, and this is where the coil oscillates.  There are 98 windings made from wire that is just 42 micrometers thick.  Because of this larger coil, there is more control over the way the driver oscillates.  Because of these very exacting, specific specs, every pair of Sennheiser HD 800 headphones must be fitted and tested by hand.

What about the ear cups?  If headphones aren’t comfortable to wear, does it really matter how good they are?  Well, the ear cups of the HD 800 are quite comfortable.  The cords is almost 10 feet long and splits to feed each ear.  The headphones use a Teflon-insulated, twin-core connection, and the cloth used to cover the cord nearly eliminates handling noise.

The Sennheiser HD 800 headphones create a balanced, top quality listening experience.  They’re comfortable to wear and are done in a great looking finish.  Oh the down side, because these headphones are using cutting edge technology and have to be tested by hand, you’re going to pay a lot for them.  The HD 800 typically retails for $1,399.95.

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