CAD Audio E100S Condenser MicCAD Audio has created a number of different great microphones, and one of their latest is the E100S.  This mic is a supercardioid condenser model that was built to be a general purpose mic for both vocals and instruments.  It uses a one inch nickel plated capsule and features CAD Audio’s Quadra-FET circuitry, a special CAD Audio type of circuitry that cuts down noise will providing high sensitivity.  The E100S has switches for a 10 decibel pad and for an 80 Hz highpass filter.

The E100S works great for just about any instrument you throw at it.  It has a very subtle proximity effect and records very little background hiss or other noise.  The shock mount isolates the mic from all vibrations.  The mic handles vocals just as well, with very little distortion or other issues.

When it comes to criticisms of the E100S, there are few.  One issue is that the location of the XLR jack.  It’s located very close to the body of the mic, which can make it difficult to plug and unplug the cable.  The stand mount also provides limited maneuverability, something that can be an issue in small spaces.

Overall, the E100S is another great mic from CAD Audio.  If you need a very versatile mic for instruments and vocals, you won’t find many others that are just as good as the E100S.  It’s durable and quite affordable as well, falling into that middle of the road category at $599. Read more

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