Universal Audio 4-710d PreampUniversal Audio’s 710 Twin-Finity was one of the top preamp devices: versatile, innovative, and even affordable.  However, it did not come in stereo.  A few years later, Universal Audio addresses this concern with the 4-710d Preamp, which includes everything the 710 did plus stereo and more.  It’s a four-channel preamp that includes compressors for each channel, a digital 8-channel A/D converter, switchable inserts, a clock subsystem, and soft limiting, just to name a few of its new features.

Each preamp channel has DI input and six switches.  It has controls for insert, compressor, input and output gain, and a feature that blends solid-state and tube sounds.  You’ll find inputs for XLR mic, line, and a balanced insert send/return, plus four extra TRS inputs.  There are also AES/EBU outputs, a word clock I/O, and two ADAT outs.

The preamp outs very nice with just about any instrument.  When used with a piano, for example, it can really create a nice, sweet top end that cuts through other sounds.  Likewise for a guitar: it can help it cut through a lot of other sounds, giving it a bit of an edge.  This preamp may not be the best for drums, however. Read more

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