Vienna Symphonic Library Appassionata StringsThere are many different music libraries out there, and the ones you need depend on what projects you’re working on.  The Vienna Symphonic Library has become the standard by which all libraries have been judged against.  They’ve got an incredible amount of depth and are set up in a very easy to access and use format.  The past collections have been criticized for featuring strings that lack emotion and depth.  To answer that, they have created the Appassionata Strings collection.

This collection features a huge amount of instruments—10 basses, 12 celli, 14 violas, and 20 violins.  Other dramatic effects were added to the large collection, such as the legato articulations that the first library was so well-known for.  One interesting section of samples is out of tune.  Every instrument in this section hits the pitch after taking a few seconds to center.  It’s different than what you might expect to find in a sound library.  You can also access exaggerated portamento samples of different instruments, too, although you’ll want to use these sparingly because they can be quite overpowering.

The clusters and random pizzicato patches are also very interesting and show off the power of aleatory music.  Another nice addition is the grace-note samples, which rise and fall at a minor third and can be used individually or combined.

All in all, the Appassionata Strings collection is very well designed and very useful.  If you need strong strings for your music, you’ll find this collection absolutely perfect.  The standard library retails for $595, while the extended library is $1,130. Read more

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